Dale Jonathan Perkins


Pressed in limited edition white vinyl this beautifully intricate collection of new music is an exciting excursion into an alternative world of music making. Electric guitars, voices and percussion are sampled and remixed with a cinematic edginess. A melting pot of influences from classical music to heavy metal via electronica and dance music, come together in one of the most exciting electronic music releases of 2017.


Available on limited edition white vinyl and digital download.

Jez Allan (Tall boys)
"Dark, sonic - electronic. Shattered techno splinters from Coil and Cabaret Voltaire collide head on with the unhinged ghosts of Cluster and NEU! If you hear the milkman heading up your street whistling any of this - you'd better move to a new neighbourhood, pronto!"

Matthew Bradshaw (Jumbo Records)
"Majorly great sound-poems, samples and far out electronica. Its strength is that however avant-garde it may delve it still retains a satisfyingly rewarding feel to it. Complex but re-listenable, clever but accessible. This in my mind ticks all the right boxes in what electronica music not just sounds like, but what it can and should achieve. Recommended to the more adventurous among you."

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